Considering visiting Italy ?

Considering visiting Italy ?

How about an authentic sweet slice of italian life unique to our region ? Choose what you want to do and see & create your own holiday in Emilia !

If you are already planning to visit Milano, Bologna, Venezia or Cinque Terre, we are just close enough to consider spending  a couple of days experiencing the wonders of Emilia


Enjoy a sweet slice of Italian life in the Emilia region!

Emilia offers a unique experience for all. From savoring our cuisine and rich culinary traditions to exploring our abundant history, we have just what you’re looking for!

Let us curate your personalized holiday experience in Emilia!










We live in Val Parma and we would like to aquaint you with it

The magnificent Torrechiara Castle is one of the finest representations of our region - this impressive Castle was built in 1462 by Pier Maria Rossi as a love nest for himself and Bianca Pellegrini, the Lady he had known in Milan and with whom he was deeply in love.

The Castle dominates the door of the Parma Apennines Valley, a lush hill and mountain range that extends to the Tuscany boundaries. A vast area still unspoiled by highways, rail traffic or industrial development - yet rich in nature, traditions and excellent artisanal fare.

Five reasons to visit this region 

1 - abounds in places of rare beauty

2 - crosses the MAB Unesco Tuscan-Emilian Apennine Reserve

3 - offers many organized activities

4 - superb cuisine all around you 

5 - welcoming people

Customize your own extraordinary Emilia holiday program

Choose and mix the experiences to organize your stay - Some of them are always available and some are on specific days

HERE is what you can  do, see, taste ... on every day: 

- Visit the Torrechiara Castle with our guide

- EMILIA Food Tour with guide and tastings

EMILIA Cooking Class - Cook with our grandmas and moms

- Ebike tour around the Castle 

Walks and excursions in the Apennines - alone or with our guides

Marvel at Farnese Theatre and in historical downtown Parma 

Only on August 2nd and 3rd 2024

You can join the exclusive Cena in Questa Vigna the most beautiful dinner that happens only for two evenings every year between the rows of the Aldini Vineyard at a long candle-lit table for a few diners.

Dine at This Vineyard ... with the Torrechiara Castle at the head of the table where the owners of the cellar, Valentina Silva and Antonio Aldini, accompany you with their stories and the courses are designed to be perfectly paired with the wines served.   

The cost is 120€ per person - Book a reservation at  +39 328 2250714 






SEE below the details of each activity ...

and contact us +39 328 2250714 via whatsapp, sms or email


Visit the Torrechiara Castle 

Guided tours of the Torrechiara Castle with tastings of the special local foods

Every Sunday you can book the guide to visit the Castle and have lunch with delicious local fare at La Tavola del Contado in Piazza Leoni n°2 in Torrechiara - sitdown dining  

MENU' - Tortelli di erbetta + Piatto con Prosciutto crudo di Parma 26 mesi + Coppa di Parma + Salame di felino + Pane di Montagna +1 Calice di vino Malvasia frizzante secca o Lambrusco dei Colli di Parma

The cost of the Tour is 60€ per person + 5€ per person for Castle admission ticket bought on site

Book a reservation at  +39 328 2250714 or email


Emilia Food Tour

Discover the real Prosciutto di Parma and see how they make it - Hear the story of Parmesan Cheese, Balsamic Vinegar and local wine 


9:00am - Guided visit to a local factory to discover how the big wheel of Parmesan cheese is born - The experience culminanting in a delicious tasting 

10:50am - Discover the King of the local artisinal products, visiting a prosciutto factory with a tasting of the best Prosciutto di Parma that - you know - is made only here and sent all over the world !

12:30pm - Now, take your time to stroll a bit through the Torrechiara village and Castle

13:30pm - Lunch with local food like: Tortelli d'erbetta, Torte di erbe e di patate, Formaggi del pastore e miele di castagno, Torta rossa di Langhirano 

For those that are interested, a nice visit to a traditional Acetaia of Balsamic vinegar, of course with the tasting.

The price per person includes: all the guided visits, tastings and lunch for € 120 

Not included: visit to the Castle 


Ask for a special visit to a winery with a perfect view of the Castle

Book a reservation at  +39 328 2250714 or email


EMILIA Cooking Class

Enjoy an authentic experience of preparing simple dishes typical of the Emilian tradition. The classes take place in private houses or professional kitchens. Hospitality and conviviality are important elements of Emilia and are exquisitely expressed in the cousine of this region.

After the class, take your time to relax and enjoy your authentic culinary creations.

Families with children and animals are welcome.

This experience is variable based on the number of participants and time schedule

Book a reservation at  +39 328 2250714 or email




Ebike tour around the Castle 

Rent a pedal-assisted bike, follow the suggested routes or explore freely, alone, in a group or with your family! 

Everyday you have the possibility to rent ebikes. Ask about availability and cost  - Contact us at  +39 328 2250714 or email







Marvel at Farnese Theatre 

Join us for a guided tour of the Farnese Theatre, impressively constructed entirely of wood and one of the jewels of Parma which was the capital of a little but very rich royal territorial Duchy until 1860.

Book a reservation at  +39 328 2250714 or email






Would you like an example of a possible itinerary ?

Example  PROGRAM

August  2, 3, 4,  2024

2 Friday - Teatro Farnese - lunch in Parma - Ebike Tour or Cooking class or Wine tasting 

3 Saturday - Parmesan Cheese + Prosciutto di Parma - Dine in This Vineyard (Only in August. During the other months we propose an alternative special dining experience.)

4 Sunday - Castle, lunch, Acetaia or Winery


50 weekends in Torrechiara - Find yours !

We can arrange your multiple day trip in Parma - ask us +39 328.2250714

The programs for visiting Torrechiara and Parma Apennines are rich in activities and interests, for leisure days with family or friends. You will find all the dates and descriptions below. 

Walking and guided tours, tastings, private lunches and dinings, extraordinary encounters with special people, e-bike tours, evening picnics with telescopic star-gazing … all of this and more around the magnificent Torrechiara Castle and inside the Appennino UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserve. 

The programs are also suitable  for children six and older (unless otherwise noted) naturally, as well as for individuals , couples, families, groups … for information or booking, direct  message +39.328.2250714

Annual calendar of main events - Both in Emilia and in Tuscany, there are numerous events and festivals that are repeated from year to year.

All the updates descriptions HERE



We are an Incoming Tour Operator located in Torrechiara, Parma. Since 2014 we have organized guided cultural and enogastronomic tours, thematic stays and excursions in the MAB UNESCO Reserve of the Apennines between Tuscany and Emilia, up to the Cinque Terre - a vast area rich in nature, history and food and wine.

Please contact us +39 328 2250714 via whatsapp, sms or email









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